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“The Voice Kids”: A fierce debate over this candidate

“The Voice Kids”: a fierce debate over this candidate – coaches resort to “dirty tricks”

This is Lina Meyer-Landrut

This is Lina Meyer-Landrut

In 2010 she was the second German to win the Eurovision Song Contest: Lena Meyer-Landrut. For her it was the beginning of a career not limited to music.

Show description

that coaches “The Voice Kids” The past has proven that I struggle hard for singers. Certainly, coaches around Lena Meyer Landrut And Vincent Weiss just wants the best emerging talent on their team. But this candidate is so convincing that they have to resort to more difficult means.

It’s no stranger to The Voice Kids: 13-year-old Marilyn has been there for three years. But at the time, things were not going well for her. In blind tests, none of the four judges delivered it. At that time, she received a small consolation from the jury Mark Foster: Because she is a big fan of the singer “Lea”, Mark spontaneously calls her. On the show, Mark Foster scans tickets for Leah’s concert for Marilyn, who was only ten years old at the time. And to this day, Marilyn is a big fan of the singer.

‘The Voice Kids’: Marilyn really wants to get into fights

After that wasn’t enough for Marilyn in 2018, she now wants to know more. Your goal: to advance in the battles. Before her performance, the 13-year-old was very excited. When she’s on stage, she grabs the microphone and closes her eyes. As she begins to sing, it soon becomes clear: Marilyn has a great voice! Do coaches see it this way too?

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“The Voice Kids”These are the tenth season coaches

  • Lena Meyer Landrut
  • Michy Beck and Smodo from “Die Fantastischen Vier”
  • Alvaro Soler
  • Wincent Weiss


Marilyn closed her eyes throughout her performance. When you open it again at the end of the song, you don’t believe it at first. She screams with joy as the last notes of the song ring. Reason: All the jury chairs turned and Marilyn was looking at the jury’s beaming faces.

“The Voice Kids”: Coaches agree on Marilyn’s performance

Everyone wants them in their teams. And coaches resort to “dirty tricks,” says coach Smodo. Since Marilyn is no stranger, all judges know that she is a huge fan of “Lea”. And that’s exactly what they’re benefiting from right now. Wincent Weiss is the first to do so. He wants to win the candidate’s heart with a signature card signed by Leah. Marilyn accepts the gift with great joy.

After that, Lena Meyer-Landrut wants to impress with the song “Lea” and tries to win Marlene’s heart. However, coach Alvaro Soler shot the bird. He shows the 13-year-old a video message from “Lea” on his cell phone, saying that Marilyn should join his team. Ultimately it is up to Smudo and Michi Beck. Unfortunately, they have nothing to offer and say to Marilyn: “With us you will leave Leah (empty)”.

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Which team will Marilyn choose in the end? And which judge has the most convincing trick? You can find out all this on Friday evening from 8:15 PM on Saturday 1.

on a set of “The Voice Kids” Not always nice. However, the controversy appears to be escalating.


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