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HomescienceThis Breton testifies to better disease management

This Breton testifies to better disease management

Endometriosis affects one in ten women in France. However, this disease is still not sufficiently supported, while it has serious consequences for the fertility and quality of life of women, as it is a very painful disease. Anees, 33, a Rain-based fashion designer, was diagnosed at the age of 27, “After inquiring online and doing an x-ray that confirmed this diagnosis”. Endometriosis, Anis suffered from for several years “I was regularly absent during my studies and at the beginning of my career”

Pains like stabbing a sale

Endometriosis is a disease associated with the menstrual cycle and causes very strong pain.You can walk with difficulty. It’s like being stabbed in the stomach. We have hot sweats, cold sweats, chest pains. As if the whole body is closed. says the young woman. When she was a teenager, she was prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories.”I used to go to the emergency room regularly.“.

A disease that cannot be cured

For several years, Anna suffered from not knowing and accompanying better “In the medical community, I’ve been told many times, it’s normal, it’s common, don’t worry.” Lots of women, like Anais, have been told that Painful periods are normal. For the 30-year-old, it is associated with a lack of knowledge and information among doctors. Today, to control her disease, in addition to hormonal treatments, Anna uses supportive care such as orthopedic or physical therapy.We are blankets, we are somewhat like warriors in the treatment process. You have to stand up for yourself to find what works for you to manage the pain.”.

By testifying, the thirty-year-old EndoFrance volunteer hopes to improve listening and real care for women with endometriosis. This is also the aim of the march that took place on Saturday in Saint-Malo. To participate, meet at 2:45 pm at the Jardin des Douves – Esplanade Saint-Vincent.

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