Dakar announces new funding to fight AIDS in West Africa

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The Regional Summit on HIV in West and Central Africa concluded on Tuesday, 2 November, with the participation of Senegalese President Macky Sall, who announced an additional 2 billion CFA francs to fight the epidemic in his country.

With our correspondent in Dakar Charlotte Edraak

The Covid-19 epidemic has seriously disrupted the fight against HIV: difficulties with circulation and thus access to treatment, closing community centers, or even disabling prevention programs … But the goal of putting an end to HIV must remain ” urgent priority “, according to Summit participants from 26 countries.

As President Macky Sall said: The fight against HIV/AIDS must remain more important than ever. Even in the row over the response to the Covid-19 virus. »

West and Central Africa, at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic, has been left behind, facing an increase in new infections, especially among young people and women. Last year, 150,000 AIDS-related deaths were recorded in the region.

Since Sunday, October 31, the Summit has brought together health and economy ministers from sixteen countries in the region and civil society organizations, with the aim of ” Reinventing the response to the HIV epidemic ».

In West and Central Africa, 4.7 million people are currently living with HIV, and the region is facing a rise in new infections. To counter this, more funding will be required, at the discretion of the Head of State, who has consequently announced an additional budget of 2 billion CFA francs in Senegal, half of which is for civil society actors involved in the response.

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nothing ” lack of political will According to him:

The truth is that in Africa, diseases did not know the proper treatment, due to lack of support and budget … I would be very happy if Senegal could say very soon Thank you to the Global Fund [de lutte contre le sida] For accompanying us for so many years, we will now take full responsibility for the response.”

The critical role of civil society

NS Restart the response, And ” Don’t leave anyone behind In accordance with the slogan of this summit, civil society representatives in particular called for more support for the actors of society. The challenge: to find the most vulnerable people, wherever they are.

According to Onusida’s director in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Susan Kasedde, representatives Civil society also has a crucial role To play in the fight against HIV. For her, ending HIV by 2030 is very possible.

The Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Susan Cassidy, says that HIV could be eliminated by 2030 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

employment Introduction to the Covid-19 pandemicMacky Sall once again called on residents to get vaccinated: “ We will study ways to create a health permit to access public places ’,” added the Senegalese head of state.

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