Lose weight with exercise: “compensatory eating” is a stopper for weight loss
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If you do a lot of sports, you don’t have to get skinny. Eating habits have a significant impact on body weight. An expert reveals what to look for.

After a week of intense sports, the scales show more than before? Uncommon phenomenon. One of the reasons may be the so-called “compensatory eating behaviour”. What this means is that after physical activity, people tend to eat more and may act more impulsively. It happens that after exercising, we feel the need to compensate for the calories burned by increasing food intake. Often less attention is paid to the quality of food and more to satisfying the need for satiation. This behavior can lead to little or no weight loss progress despite physical activity.

There is a risk that the amount of calories consumed will be more than the energy burned, which can lead to weight gain. But countermeasures can be taken, says nutritionist Professor Carsten Koller from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Munich. SPIEGELInterview explained.

Losing Weight With Sports: What Facts You Should Know

those through sports Weight loss According to Köhler, you should think about what you want to eat next and prepare it before you start training. This would prevent impulsive eating behavior that interrupts the diet.

Two joggers jogging in the summer heat and sunshine in Berlin's Gleisdreieck Park.
Everyone who exercises builds muscle and stamina. This is also noticeable on the scales. © Jens Schicke / Imago

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Are you also one of those who want to lose weight with the help of sports? The following facts worth knowing support your project:

  • Endurance and weight training strengthens the heart and circulatory system and prevents chronic diseases such as: diabetes Forward and build muscle.
  • Exercise increases the basal metabolic rate and is the healthiest way to lose weight.
  • Muscle weighs more than adipose tissue. Therefore, exercise can increase body weight.
  • Anyone who decides before training what to eat next prevents impulsive eating behavior and food cravings.
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  • Exercising on an empty stomach helps burn fat and lose weight.
  • On the other hand, if you train on a full stomach, your body will primarily burn recently eaten carbohydrates and reduce stored fat deposits.
  • You should eat something before intense training or competitions, because in these cases the body relies on carbohydrates to quickly produce energy.

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