Meme classic

The moment Charlie took a bite. (Screen capture: Youtube)

It is part of the history of the Internet. Maybe the video “Charlie biting my finger” has reached everyone on YouTube. But it has now worked for a large sum.

Little Charlie chews his older brother’s hand to utter the phrase “Charlie bite my finger,” which is still known today. The One of the most successful clips is 55 seconds of videoWho has ever appeared on Youtube. Most Popular Videos, Groundbreaking in meme culture. The original video now had 880 million views. No more will be added.

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The video uploaded in 2007 was sold as NFT. On Sunday there was one auction Hours of betting. In the end, an unknown model won the race for the clip. The two boys’ family received $ 760,999 for this.

The End of the Hype Video – The Beginning of a New Trend

The Davies-Carr family’s auction page states that a video will not be available soon. Anyone can still download and save the video as they like, but the family explains that the highest bidder is the only true owner of the legendary NFT “Charlie Bit My Finger”. The future copyright owner of the video is not known.

“Charlie Bit My Finger” is not the first classic meme that once again gives its creators an impressive bonus income as an NFT. Zoe Roth, who has become known as the “disaster girl,” only sold the original photo of the mim in mid-April, which shows four-year-old Zoe in front of a burning house. One exhibitor paid out 180 Ether, which is roughly $ 485,000. Even Ruth retained the copyright.

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So if you have produced a video or image in the last 15 years that has meanwhile achieved meme status, you should consider auctioning the original as an NFT. There is currently no easier or faster way to make money.

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