Breathless and Boundless - Helen Fisher: Her 37th Birthday, Luis Fonsi and Mars

Hamburg (dpa) – It’s festival week for Schlager fans: yesterday Florian Silbereisen celebrated his 40th birthday, and today Helen Fischer turns 37. For ten years, the two were the famous German star’s dream couple, before they broke up in 2018 – but are friends who remained friends nonetheless.

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But that wasn’t far from that for Fisher fans. A day after her birthday, “Vamos a Marte” (“Let’s go to Mars”) is a new song by Queen Schlager which she recorded with Luis Fonsi.

But what does Schlager mean? At Helen Fisher, the boundaries have always been smooth. And the first teaser for the new song on Tiktok, this time around, points towards dance-pop music. August 6th at 6.45pm is Showtime.

August will be all about “Vamos a Marte”. After all, she has a duo partner at her side in Luis Fonsi, who had a huge hit the summer four years ago with “Despacito.” Presumably the two will build on it. A new album by Helene Fischer has already been announced.

The balance in her music career so far is impressive. Bambis, echoes, golden cameras accompany Helen Fisher’s height, and her albums have been sold millions of times, her latest single “Atemlos durch die Nacht” (2013) made her a huge star. And with exceptional performances, it makes its live audience breathless.

In 2018, Helen Fisher made it to the list of the ten highest-earning musicians in the world. According to the American business magazine “Forbes”, she took the eighth place – ahead of Britney Spears and Celine Dion.

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Even if Helen Fischer’s successes are in Europe – there may be more: American singer and Hollywood star Josh Groban considers her among the best performers in the world. “I don’t think there are people anywhere in the world who don’t appreciate how talented Helen is,” he told ARD magazine “Brisant” when asked if the singer had any chances in America. And of course the two also sang in a duet (“I’ll Stand by You”).


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