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Han introduces more AIF Public – Financial News to Cash.Online

Han introduces more AIF Public – Financial News to Cash.Online

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The car park with about 670 parking spaces is the connecting element between the sections of the building.

Hahn Group AIF launches a new closed-door for private investors through capital management firm DeWert Deutsche Wertinvestment GmbH. For the first time, Hahn’s retail fund is investing in mixed-use real estate.

Hahn announced that the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) issued a similar sales statement on May 17. AIF Pluswertfonds 177 is investing a total volume of € 60.6 million in a mixed-use property located in Mönchengladbach Süd, North Rhine-Westphalia.

City Markt Center Mönchengladbach comprises a mix of local, supply-oriented retail and services provided by the health sector. The main long-term tenant is food retailer Edeka, which operates an on-site hypermarket. Edeka owns part of the sub-leased space for Aldi, dm, and Ernsting’s Family as well as stores, restaurants and service providers. In the other parts of the building there is a medical center, a large rehabilitation facility, and office space for Techniker Krankenkasse.

Han says the mix of retail, service, health and office space that has been accommodated on a total of 21,500 square meters of leased space enables a high degree of synergies. According to the information, a parking deck with about 670 parking spaces is the communication element between sections of the building. The property is centrally located in the southern district of Mönchengladbach.

The first mixed-use investment proposition for private investors

Thomas Coleman, CEO of Hahn Group: “We are delighted to give our private investors access to mixed-use real estate investment for the first time. The advantages of our conventional investments are widespread Commercial real estate It is perfectly combined with the diversification and synergy effects of a multifunctional characteristic. “

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Pluswertfonds 177’s target capital is € 33.6 million. Qualified private investors can participate in the public AIF from € 20,000 plus the additional issue cost. The expected annual distribution is 4.5 percent. According to Han, it is paid on a quarterly basis. The debt ratio is around 44.5%. The fund is scheduled to run until December 31, 2036.


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