Double play and deception in

The TAG24 editorial team thinks today’s crime scene is worth seeing. It is about intrigue in a case in which an investigator was killed by a gun mafia.

Hamburg – A private plane crashes over the Mediterranean Sea. On board: A federal police officer in disguise. The first mission on which Julia Grosz (Franziska Wise, 40) led the investigation seemed to have failed. In the “Crime scene“Power of the family”, which starts today at 8.15 pm, at the beginning, she must explain with her colleague Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring, 53) the cause of the accident.

Maria Timofejo (Tatiana Nekrasov, 37 years old) wants to expose the machinations of her uncle Victor (Vladimir Tarasjanz, 73). © NDR / Meyerbroeker

Gross, who has just been promoted to chief inspector, Phalk and her team are on the verge of indicting a Russian arms dealer.

Shortly before the mafia structures were discovered, its undercover investigator was killed. Dazed at the loss of their colleague, the police believe the operation has failed.

Thanks to Falk, they still have one last chance: he knows Marija Timofejo (Tatiana Nekrasov, 37) from the State Criminal Police Office, who is the smuggler’s niece, from before. She agrees to investigate her family, who had distanced herself from her for years.

But Timofeev has her own goals. A double game begins, in which Grosz and Falke are no longer under control.

And in the end, they face an opponent that no one expected.

Julia Grosz (Franziska Wise, 40) and Thorsten Falk (Wootan Wilk Moring, 53) do business with a Russian arms dealer this time.

Julia Grosz (Franziska Wise, 40) and Thorsten Falk (Wootan Wilk Moring, 53) do business with a Russian arms dealer this time. © NDR / Meyerbroeker

Yes, because this “crime scene” plays with contradictions and the commissioners’ loss of control. With Detective Marija Timofejew, the viewer never knows where she really is. She just does what she wants. But their appearance seems inconsequential in some places.

Falke also doesn’t have to have a common past with his fellow LKA and is therefore particularly romantically involved. Thankfully, it doesn’t delve into the personal relationship, which is a good thing for the movie.

As in the “crime scene” in the past few weeks, Corona does not play a role in this case either, although it was filmed in July and August 2020, amid the spread of the epidemic. “I think it is a shame that we pretend in our movies that Corona does not exist,” says Wootan Wilk Moring in an interview with NDR.

So he has a clear demand on the filmmakers: “Let’s shoot scenes in which the investigator is not allowed to go to the crime scene because he doesn’t have his mask. Anyone around the world will understand that.”

Moring said that the fact that life in a pandemic does not become a problem may be due to the fact that “everyone believed that the epidemic would pass in no time.”

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