Home entertainment Mario Barth reveals the conditions in the Hamburg Police Force

Mario Barth reveals the conditions in the Hamburg Police Force

Mario Barth reveals the conditions in the Hamburg Police Force

Mario Barth reveals the situation in the Hamburg police force: “Far ahead, if we had 1974”

Mario Barth reveals my complaints about RTL.

Mario Barth reveals my complaints about RTL.

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It is not uncommon for taxpayer money in Germany to be wasted with full hands. In his RTL programMario Barth reveal! “try to Mario Barth With his team to see the madness of the authorities. The conditions under which the police have to work in Hamburg make you speechless.


This is Mario Barth:

  • Born November 1, 1972 in Berlin
  • He is a comedian and presenter
  • Since 2003, he’s been on the road with the live program: “Men …”
  • Since 2013, he has revealed the tax waste in his show “Mario Barth Covers”
  • His trademark is the saying: “Do I know you?”


Mario Barth Once again looking for wasted taxpayers’ money to no avail. He found what he was looking for in Hamburg for his broadcast on Wednesday evening: There he discovered an absolute IT disaster!

Mario Barth travels to Hamburg

“I was in Hamburg because they are a prime example when it comes to“ digital first. ”As far as that goes, Hamburg is well on its way forward – if we have 1974,” the comedian explains with a slightly ironic streak.


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Incredible, but true: according to Mario Barth’s research, thousands of Hamburg police computers still come with Windows 7! “It was developed before the iPads and tablets were in existence,” he says in terms of time. “That’s perfectly fine at home. But the guys have to keep all the criminal files there.”

Mario Barth: No More Support for Windows 7

But that’s not all, because as Mario Barth says, it was announced seven years ago that Windows 7 would not be supported as of 2020! And this costs a lot: the authorities have to pay 450,000 euros a year to keep the system running. And the amount doubles every year!

Jan Reinke of the Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter is also upset about this: “As for that, we paint with chalk on the walls of the caves.” The Hamburg police may have taken full advantage of the technical development …

Mario Barth formulated a crazy plan. You can find out what it’s about if you click here! (See)

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