Lion's Den: This product is mainly attractive to men

“Die Höhle der Löwen” (Vox): The founder wants to score with this bread – it should especially appeal to men

“The Lion’s Den”: Ines Pfisterer wants to persuade a special baking mixture.

Photo: TVNOW / Bernd Michael Mao

at “Lion’s Den“There will be something presented on Monday that, at first glance, actually looks very mundane.

Ines Pfisterer from Munich serves bread dough on a broadcast by the founder of Vox. But it has a special feature that is especially popular with male investors inLion’s Den“It can inspire.

“Lion’s Den” (Vox): The founder wants to combine bread and beer

Bread has always been a passion. ”Lion’s Den– Candidate Ines Festerer. After enjoying baking biscuits when she was five years old and working in a bakery as a teenager, the 29-year-old developed her own bread product.

“With my startup, I combine the foods most popular with Germans: bread and beer,” explains the founder of Bierkruste.


This is the “lair of lions”:

  • “Lion’s Den” is a founder show at Vox
  • The TV station is currently broadcasting the ninth season
  • Startups and founders offer their products – investors (“blacks”) decide whether they want to get into the business
  • The investors in Season 9 are: Judith Williams, Carsten Mashmeyer, Nico Rosberg, Ralph Dummel, Dagmar Worl, George Kofler and Nils Glago.


The easy way to bake with your favorite beer should convince lions Judith Williams, Dagmar, Rlee, Ralph Dumel, Carsten Mashimer, Nils Glagau and Nico Rosberg.

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Die Höhle der Löwen (Vox): The founder needs € 80,000

The baking mixture should simply be mixed with 250ml of your favorite beer, then put it on a baking sheet and put it directly in the oven.

“Baking bread has never been this easy,” Enas Pfisterer promised to the Lions – and therefore wants to invest 80,000 euros in exchange for 25 per cent of the shares in Brotkruste.


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You can find out if she can register her typical German product at “Der Höhle der Löwen” Monday at 8:15 pm on Vox or in the media library. TV now Look. (KV)

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