ouch? With “On mai way,” Vanessa May makes a thoughtless statement.

© Screenshot: YouTube / SWR Schlager

In “On mai way” Vanessa Mai talks to celebrities on the treadmill. But now the Queen of Schlager has leaked a little secret herself.

Cologne – Not only does she have an absolute talent for singing, but Vanessa May is also at her best when it comes to sports. Needless to say, coordinating a talk with a Schlager singer simply can’t happen on the couch. No, there is more excitement with Vanessa. In her YouTube format “On mai way” she regularly meets and talks with distinguished guests – but under special circumstances: the conversation takes place on a treadmill that is getting faster and faster with time!

Vanessa May and Finch in “On mai way” – In the game, she gets away with a hot statement

Mai makes her star guests sweat not only with uncomfortable questions, but also with physical exertion. Her new guest is in the form of: “The man from whom fathers hide their daughters – and alcohol supplies,” as May announces about rapper Finch. After a few minutes on the treadmill, the hit queen announces the game “Questions Update”. It also becomes very private. So special that the hostess sneaks out a delicious confession of herself.

The two play the classic party song “I’ve Never Done…”. Anyone who has actually read a statement should take one of the available picks – which is of course alcohol-free on a sports talk show, but it clearly doesn’t have the best taste. “It tastes like a foot” sums up Finch. When the phrase “I’ve never visited my parents’ autograph” pops up, things get interesting.

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Vanessa May: After a thoughtless answer, the Schlager singer asks “Is that a criminal?”

“No, but my husband,” Vanessa Mae murmurs utterly nonchalantly–and then frowns thoughtfully. This was followed by the words “Excuse me,” and then there was a short silence. “Is this a criminal?” The singer suddenly asked shyly.

For what reason and in what case she forged the signature, she does not disclose. Fortunately, Finch immediately gives her the correct answer: “No, he’s not a criminal. You love each other”—and makes his talking partner laugh a lot. “Did you hear, my dear?” Vanessa May then calls out, perhaps to calm her husband, Andreas Verber a little. It is unlikely that the marital crisis led to the confession.

By the way: Four years after the wedding with Andreas Verber, Vanessa May revealed the secret of her wedding. She also made headlines recently in musical terms – with a duet with rapper Seydoux. (they have)


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