Home science Corona vaccination: experts warn – alcohol should be avoided for this long time

Corona vaccination: experts warn – alcohol should be avoided for this long time

Corona vaccination: experts warn – alcohol should be avoided for this long time

Alcohol should be a taboo for people who have been vaccinated against Corona. An expert advises a harsh period of time and warns of the consequences:

Coronavirus vaccination programs are now operating more or less successfully around the world. Vaccination activity in Germany is not exciting at the moment: there are a lot of headlines about AstraZeneca, very little vaccination and everything is very slow. However, vaccinations are our ticket to end the Corona pandemic. So popping the cork after the injection and roasting the vaccination with champagne would be appropriate – but senior doctors advise against this. Experts point to the role that alcohol consumption can play at the time of vaccination. The doctor says: We must remain dry for a full 56 days.

virus Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Illness Covid-19
Vaccines (optional) Comirnaty (Biontech), Moderna, Vaxzevria (Astrazeneca)

After the Coronavirus Vaccination: Staying away from alcohol – huge effects on the immune system

Coronavirus vaccinations can open the door to a more normal life. Doctors hope that the vaccination will result in fewer severe infections with the Coronavirus and thus far fewer people who will need to be treated in intensive care units. Citizens hope that things will return to normal, thereby ending communication restrictions, curfews and travel bans. But there is still a negligible effect of normalcy – not even right after the Corona vaccination. Because after an injection with an approved vaccine, vaccinated people must pay attention to one thing: Alcohol must be a taboo first.

Scientists and doctors have known it for a long time, but the general public may not know it: Alcohol has enormous effects on the immune system. For the BBC documentary “The Truth About … Boosting Your Immune System”, researchers investigated how alcohol affects vaccine absorption. Wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages temporarily paralyze disease-fighting white blood cells. Just three cups of Prosecco can reduce the number of lymphocytes by up to 50 percent. health insurance Barmer He cites a pneumococcal vaccination study that found that the immune systems of alcoholics produce fewer antibodies than healthy people. However, these effects can vary from vaccination to vaccine. The injections worked well against hepatitis A and hepatitis B despite alcohol consumption.

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Corona vaccination: “Try not to drink alcohol at all in the first few days after vaccination.”

But top doctors advise against vaccination against Corona virus: The immune system has to be at its best in order to respond optimally to the vaccine. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided the evening before or shortly after vaccinationAnna Popova, Russia’s chief medical officer, warned residents in December to abstain from alcohol before and after vaccination. How is this Editorial Network Germany I mentioned that vaccinated people should be able to dispense with alcohol for 56 days. On the other hand, the president of the Gamaleja Russian Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology advises abstinence from sex for only three days after the injection.

Alcohol should be avoided the evening before or shortly after vaccination (symbol image)

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Whether for three or 56 days: Alcohol should generally be consumed in moderation – both in everyday life and after vaccination. Regarding vaccination, Barmer writes:In everyday dealing with a myriad of pathogens from the environment, our physical defense faces a much greater challenge than the controllable number of pathogens weakened in vaccines. So our immune system can easily handle luxury foods: it handles vaccinations even when we enjoy delicious coffee with milk, a piece of cream cake, or a glass of red wine. As long as we do this in moderation, we are not disrupting the bodily defenses routine. “

Corona vaccination: Also, alcohol puts pressure on the immune system

After vaccination against Corona, it is preferable to avoid beer after work, because alcohol consumption affects the immune system and the body can produce weak antibodies after vaccination if it is busy breaking down alcohol. After vaccination, alcohol is an additional burden at a point when it actually has other tasks: the production of antibodies against the Coronavirus. No interactions have been described between the Corona vaccine and alcohol. Note the effects of alcohol on the immune system. The following applies to alcoholics: It is essential to consult a doctor. (Sick)

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