Covid: 75 people were vaccinated with dangerous doses for dogs

In Chile, at least 75 people have been vaccinated with the dog version. Health officials say the side effects can be especially dangerous.

There is a canine version of the Coronavirus vaccine. As indicated by his name, This type of vaccine is not suitable for humans. However, on April 20, 2021, health officials reported this Two Chilean veterinarians administered this dog vaccine to nearly 75 people. A condition that occurred after a while Vaccines have arrived in the country. An investigation was immediately opened against the two persons involved.

In addition to the corona vaccines used are intended for dogs, They don’t even deal with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is responsible for the global pandemic. This was during a visit to Calama in northern Chile From health officials suspicion. City workers did not wear masks and claimed soThey were vaccinated by a local veterinarian.

“Two veterinarians concerned”

Suspicions of health officials led to an investigation. The latter revealed thatAnother veterinarian in town was also involved in the case. This vet had given the canine vaccine to other people in town. More than 75 people were reported to have been vaccinated by these two veterinarians Including health workers and minors.

Antofagasti Health Minister Rossana Diaz told the TV channel 24 Horus What or what This approach is very dangerous. “There are studies that say that Effects on humans may be local, such as irritation … or systemic, Captured.

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