Lina Jerky's daughter Zoe already has a therapist - at eleven months!

Last year, model Lena Jerke, 33, became the proud mother of little Zoe. But like all new parents, a former GNTM winner isn’t immune from the typical, debilitating problems that await you with a baby. On Instagram, the 33-year-old spoke openly and unusually about her baby’s sleep problems. She admitted that she even sought professional help from a therapist.

Short nights, heavy eyes, and a loud roar of children: almost all young parents can sing a song about this when they spend the night because of their offspring. Lena Gercke and boyfriend Dustin Schöne got it too, because their daughter Zoe is also not a lady to sleep through the night.

Lena Gercke: She hired a sleep therapist for her daughter Zoe

So the model did a short run and got help from a sleep therapist, she tells her fans on Instagram in a video. This is unusual for Lina, who usually keeps private details secret. The therapist has been supporting her and little Zoe for nearly three weeks, the model reveals on her Instagram story.

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And it seems that the work of the expert is paying off, because Lena continues to talk: “In any case, our sleep has already improved significantly and we are completely happy with it.” She wants to give her followers a new sleep update soon. Anyway, fingers crossed that the entire Gercke/Schöne family could be getting enough sleep again.

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