Home Top News Thomas Munier reports criticism from Florentino Perez for causing harm

Thomas Munier reports criticism from Florentino Perez for causing harm

Thomas Munier reports criticism from Florentino Perez for causing harm

A few days before the start of the European Championship with the Belgian national team (Euro 2021: Belgium – Livettiker in Russia), Thomas Munier reported on a bizarre meeting with Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. (News and data on BVB)

The current defender of Borussia Dortmund faced Los Blancos with his then club Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League in November 2019 and engaged in a crucial battle.

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Due to the unfortunate impact on the ankle, he injured his teammate and opponent Eden Hazard, who had to be replaced and then sidelined for a long time. Much to the annoyance of Perez who complained to the PVP star after the game.

In an interview with a French television broadcaster, the 29-year-old described the scene as “trivial contact between a defender and an attacker”. RTPF Said. “After the game, I’ll be in Catacombs and see Florentino Perez. I will shake Perez’s hand and say, ‘Nice to meet you.’

Munier’s response from the real boss was double. Once the entrepreneur spoke to him in French (“I did not know he could speak French”) and a second time his opponent immediately scolded him. “He said to me: ‘Nice to meet you?’ Did you realize Eden’s hurt? And tell me you’re happy? ”

Munier: Is that my fault then?

Munier’s response: “Did I hurt Eden? Then it was my fault he was injured there?” He said, ‘Yes, yes, this is your fault!’ I said: ‘This is a fight like the others.’ ”With a laugh, Munier added in the interview:“ He is still the president of Madrid, and they say: ‘Aha! Not bad, is it ?! ‘

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It remains to be seen whether the Madrid manufacturer’s criticism is justified. You can at least understand the emotion, after all, the harm was brought to the Spanish capital for 100 million euros. He wants to be the team’s superstar. He flew his class here and there against PSG, but since then he has suffered various injuries.

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He deserves the European Championship, he doesn’t have to look at Munier – he’s on the same team. If the worst comes to the worst, Perez will have to plan another player this time around.

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