The first category was decided on the basis of race. Sarvad managed the first lie relatively well, but she burned completely on the stand when he did not shoot even a single target from eight shots. The checkers were last at that time.

After that, Ondiz Moravek went on to race last, and the first bed for him did not change exactly as he thought, but he made everything on the stand and pushed the Czech doubles from last place.

The purpose of the rest of the race was clear. Do not overtake the bike finally reached. In his last division Morawec shot brilliantly and crossed the finish line in 17th place. There was a big surprise waiting for him. The whole family was waiting for him there.

Moravek immediately fell to his knees, hugging the children and crying. Thus ending one of the greatest biathletes in Czech history.

Sweden dominated over Norway and the United States. For America, this is the best end of this discipline in history.

The classic mixed relay took place in the morning, but the Czech team did not even win. When Gislow had to go to the penalty round, the Czech players failed to start the race right away. Davidova, Karlock and Graeme finished 11th. Norway beat Italy and Sweden.

In the last individual race at the World Championships, Moravek finished behind the top ten:

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