Armin Popperger,

Armin Popperger, author of RhineMettle, Enmec Armory.
Author: Rhinemetal

The Raincoat Armory’s Linkalek Infantry is an unofficial option for a Czech tender for 52 billion crowns. Esk Armda wants to select 210 of the most successful suppliers in history this year in the structure of the most expensive line in history. According to the Ministry of Defense, Czech companies must win forty percent of orders. “We want to work with Czech companies and find common opportunities for exports,” said Armin Popperger HN, CEO of RhineMettle.

HN: How do you see being built with rhinestones in the Czech tender for infantry fighting? Do you read yourself as an option?

We have compiled equipment and services for the Czech Armed Forces. We have prepared an attractive financial proposal that, through our partner program, ensures that forty percent of the value of the order for war vehicles will be in the Czech Republic, not to mention the promise of the current technology exchange and the known future of export sales.

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