The ball is annoying! Daghi Bee (27 years old) is on her last pregnancy boom. The YouTuber reports to her fans in regular updates about the progress of her pregnancy. You can tell right away that it can start at any time: because the blonde is already in contractions. So it is no wonder that your baby’s ball is also noticeable in everyday life. In this matter complained Yes Now her sadness.

I took it all about baby bump shoot Yes Their fans in one YoutubeVideo in their daily life. She did not find her field of this magnitude – her life is not always easy: “Let’s put it this way: even that little tummy causes me real problems in everyday life. I no longer wear shoes etc…” But this is also appropriate, the 27-year-old thinks: “I am now in the ninth month, in other words: shortly before closing!”

She had enough anticipation for her presence as a mother Yes It seems already accumulated. employment Instagram She recently released her emotions freely: “Our lives will be turned upside down because our lives will be different than it was before. But we are very prepared for it.”

Daji B and Eugene Kazakov in July 2021
Daji B in December 2021
Daghi B and Eugene Kazakov, 2021
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