Home entertainment Triple Out “Love Island”: Lisa, Dominic and Kendra Exit!

Triple Out “Love Island”: Lisa, Dominic and Kendra Exit!

Triple Out “Love Island”: Lisa, Dominic and Kendra Exit!

At Love Island, she’s back packing your bag today! Presenter Sylvie Mays, 43, announced the remaining 16 horrors. This time, the audience’s four favorite couples—Isabelle, Robin, Lisa, Moe, Jess, and Domi (19), Dennis and Jennifer—have to decide which three buddies they want to send home. The big question: Which islanders would you choose?

Lisa, who is immune to this exclusion, makes one decision for her roommates: she leaves voluntarily! “I realize I won’t go any further here. I’m going down now and telling the others that I’m leaving the villa voluntarily!”, reports the hairstylist from Bremen. The others now have to agree on two participants whose Love Island adventure ends prematurely. All the islanders gather at the fireplace to learn the findings of Isabel, Jess, Dennis and Company.

After Robin shot one by one from the shivering game, in the end only Jank, Dominic, and Kendra were left worried about their place in the villa. But the office clerk no longer tortures the three and reveals: “The person who gets another chance is simply making a clear statement here in the past few days. Yannick, come over to us.” This is how Lisa, Dominic and Kendra say goodbye to Love Island.

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Sylvie Mays and the “Love Island” nominees
Robin, Isabel, Lisa, Angelina, Jennifer and Janek in the bedroom of the “Love Island” villa
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