Home Economy Teams with a signature function: Microsoft and Adobe link their software

Teams with a signature function: Microsoft and Adobe link their software

Teams with a signature function: Microsoft and Adobe link their software

Adobe and Microsoft want to coordinate their software solutions more closely with each other. It was primarily about streamlining operations in an increasingly hybrid world of work, she said. The focus of collaboration is to integrate Adobe PDF, electronic signature, and document automation functionality into Microsoft 365.

“These deep product integrations allow you to work more effectively by connecting the apps you use every day,” said Ashley Steel, senior vice president of Adobe and general manager of digital media. This ranges from negotiating and signing a contract from within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or SharePoint to checking PDFs on a mobile device.

For this purpose, “Adobe Experience Cloud” and “Adobe Document Cloud” must be integrated into Microsoft 365. Tools such as “Adobe Sign” for digital signatures are linked to Microsoft Teams, for example with the “Microsoft Approvals” app, an approval functionality in Teams. Adobe Sign is the only e-signature solution that offers the option to use all the functionality in Microsoft Teams, partners say.

More than 180 million Microsoft users will have access to Adobe Sign as part of Microsoft workflows. For example, they used Clark County authoritiesLtd., Nevada, has already linked Adobe Sign with Microsoft 365 and has made integration an essential part of its digital transformation. In the region, it was possible to maintain operations with 10,000 employees at 140 locations during the pandemic. The time taken to sign invoices has been reduced from days to hours. At the same time, paper waste has been reduced by 75 percent.

According to the manufacturers, in the world of mixed work, it’s all about making working with content and documents as simple and efficient as possible. according to Adobe-Studie “The Future of Time – Adobe Report” Many employees complain that a third of their work time is spent on unimportant tasks – such as managing files and work documents. And Microsoft found in a survey that Average weekly hours increased by ten percent when most employees moved to the home office he.

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This is where the two software manufacturers want to take action. They’ve worked on a common vision of the future workplace for years. After all, Microsoft and Adobe file formats made up the majority of business files that users dealt with. Thus both companies are ideally placed to influence the way they operate in the future.