Home Economy Finnair takes over Eurowings Discover flights to the USA

Finnair takes over Eurowings Discover flights to the USA

Finnair takes over Eurowings Discover flights to the USA

The decision has been made: From mid-May Finnair will fly three routes to the USA for Eurowings Discover under a comprehensive lease.

At the end of March came the news that the still fledgling Eurowings Discover airline may not have enough capacity this summer due to increased demand. In order to solve the problem, cooperation with other airlines was considered. It is now certain that, as of mid-May, Finnair will take delivery of three US routes from Eurowings Discover under a comprehensive service lease. Aerotelegraph mentioned.

Finnair all-in-one flights to Las Vegas and Tampa

Eurowings Discover has already announced some new plans this year. At the end of March, the airline introduced two new destinations in the United States, Fort Myers and Las Vegas. The still-nascent airline also announced the expansion of its airline network to Africa. In addition, Eurowings Discover made its first flight to Victoria Falls on March 29. With Eurowings Discovers reaching its limits with a fleet of nine Airbus A330s active on its summer flight schedule, the airline has now entered into a full service lease agreement with Finnair. Finland’s national airline will also operate flights with the A330, but the exact type of aircraft remains unclear at the moment.


Specifically, Finnair will take over three US Eurowings Discover routes starting May 15, 2022. These are the Frankfurt – Las Vegas, Frankfurt – Tampa and Munich – Las Vegas routes. According to an application submitted to the Department of Transport, Finnair is asking the airline for permission to use Iata codes for Lufthansa (LH), Swiss (LX) and Austrian Airlines (OS) for its one-stop charter flights.

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The comprehensive lease agreement with Eurowings Discover is a relevant source of income for Finnair, as the airline is currently suffering greatly from the effects of the closure of Russian airspace. This is because Finnair has recently relied heavily on passenger traffic between Europe and Asia. Thanks to the ideal geographical location, the airline was able to offer good links to the East Asian cities of Japan, South Korea and China.

Conclusion on the full service lease agreement between Finnair and Eurowings Discover

Starting in mid-May, Finnair will operate three routes in the US for Eurowings Discover under a comprehensive lease. Specifically, Finnair will fly from Germany to Las Vegas and Tampa starting May 15. On the one hand, this facilitates the Eurowings Discover capability, and on the other hand, it enables Finnair to generate additional relevant income.


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