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Tesla Model S brings gaming to the PS5 level

Tesla Model S brings gaming to the PS5 level

Elon Musk has something for everyone who has not yet managed to get a Sony Playstation 5 – the new Tesla Model S. The cyberpunk show shows that the graphics performance is close to that of the PS5.

At the beginning of the year, Tesla tech Elon Musk indicated that the new Model S would be able to implement Cyberpunk 2077. Marking the introduction of the new model, he has now presented a “PS5 performance level” for the graphics on board.

AMD delivers computing power

Tesla branded console. Paul Spivak (reddit)

“No car with the latest computer technology and the latest in entertainment and information has literally been on par with a Playstation 5,” Musk said during the demo. “This is actually PS5 level performance. It can handle cyberpunk. With 60 frames per second, it delivers state-of-the-art gaming.”

That’s not surprising given that AMD announced last week that it will be the technology partner for the new infotainment system for Tesla Model S and Model X models. The computing power will move to just over ten teraflops. It uses a Ryzen CPU, which is powered by one of the new RDNA2 GPU chips. Control units of the latest generation operate on a similar technology basis.

However, with Tesla, full Teraflops will not only be available for gaming performance. After all, all the other functions on the board also want to get their share of computing power.

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Tesla controller. (picture: Paul Spivak / reddit)

To support the full ads, Musk showed a brief demo of Cyberpunk 2077 running at high frame rates on the $130,000 S Plaid. A console based on Tesla’s new steering wheel was also shown. However, it appears that it was only used for decorative purposes. The game was controlled on the Tesla system via an Xbox console.

For those of you who are wondering why you need to play PS5-level games in your car, Elon Musk offers the following answer: “When you think about the future, when the car was often used in autopilot mode or fully self-driving, entertainment became more and more important.” We see if we can play quietly in the car at 130 kilometers per hour.

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