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Keyboard Shortcuts and More: Tips for Chrome

Keyboard Shortcuts and More: Tips for Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts and more
Chrome Browser Tips

If you know the right Chrome browser shortcuts and tricks, you can surf the World Wide Web more easily.

If you know the right Chrome browser shortcuts and tricks, you can surf the World Wide Web more easily.

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Many users use the Google Chrome browser, but not everyone knows these tips and tricks. This is how you browse comfortably using the browser.

Anyone who surfs the Internet a lot knows some problems: How do I open a tab that was closed by mistake? How can I efficiently navigate through the forest of tabs in the last few hours? What are the advantages of creating a Chrome profile? These are the most important answers.

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The key combinations for Windows and Apple operating systems are identical: if you want to open a new window, press Ctrl or Command and N; For the new Incognito window, the same combination is applied in addition to the Shift key. Opening a new tab inside a browser window works in a similar way – Ctrl or the Command key and T to open an empty tab. If you accidentally close one or more tabs and want to open them again one by one, Ctrl or the Command key – plus Shift and T will come to the rescue. Google itself puts in the network full archive Other key combinations available.

There are slight differences between jumping on tabs in Windows and macOS: while Windows users can move through open tabs one by one by pressing the Ctrl and Tab keys, Apple users can use the Command key in addition to the Option key and cycle through the arrow keys Right and left through the open tabs. Another practical feature is the ability to pin tabs to keep track of things. To do this, just right-click on the desired tab and select the “Install” option. Then the tab slides all the way to the left of the bar and stays there.

More tips and tricks

In the event of a slower-running browser, Chrome’s built-in task manager is also useful. Windows and macOS owners open it with the Shift and Escape key. Users can then see which tab is using how much processor power and internet bandwidth is and can terminate it if necessary.

It is especially useful for Chrome users to create a profile that can be used to share all browser data across different devices. If you turn on sync, you can access your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings instead of having to set them up on each device separately. In terms of security alone, users should be careful not to log in with their confidential data on public devices, such as libraries or Internet cafes.


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