Battlefield 2042: Leaker Names Chapters Content

Battlefield 2042 will see the return of Battle Cards. One thing is for sure: the first-person shooter will have four seasons in the first year after its release – each with a new battle card and new content. So far, four new specialists and “new locations” have been confirmed by Electronic Arts and DICE. The Sites must be available to all players – a Battle Pass is not necessary for this. Known in the BF community, leaker Tom Henderson has recorded the content that should appear at the start of Battlefield 2042’s four seasons in a Twitter post – presumably free. In addition to the new Specialist, each season should also include two new multiplayer maps and two Battlefield Portal maps.

In addition, Battlefield 2042 is coming (Buy now €59.99 ) The seasons are said to come with updates to the Hazard Zone mode, six to eight new weapons, and two to three new vehicles. With the Battle Pass, on the other hand, you can play up to 100 levels, each of which gets you additional content – most likely primarily cosmetic items. Electronic Arts and DICE have yet to provide specific details about individual seasons and battle cards. So it remains to be seen if Henderson’s comments are confirmed.

However, the information posted on Twitter does not seem far-fetched. In the past, leaker and inventor always had the right nose. Until EA’s announcement, you should still use the information with caution. Last week, the developers introduced the Battlefield Portal, a new build kit that you can use to create your own Battlefield experience. The mode comes with seven classic maps, among other things.

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