Olympia: Skeetschützin Messerschmidt without a medal: 5th place in the final

Pack your bag, get on the plane and go on vacation first. After her brilliant Olympic debut, her daughter and groom are waiting for athlete Nadine Messerschmidt to come home.

Nadine Messerschmidt was “very satisfied” with her Olympic appearance in fifth in the skeet. After the impressive performance, sporting director Heiner Gabelmann praised the sports shooter.

“She performed wonderfully,” he said. “For a medal I had to add something in the final, but it was my toughest competition this year,” Messerschmidt said.

For Thuringian, it ended after the second round of the final with a total of 4 fouls. American Amber English defeated Diana Bakossi, winner in Rio Italy and China’s Meng Wei, who previously set her own world record to qualify as of 2019.

Messerschmidt showed himself nervous in competition, debuting at the Olympics in a new and exciting way, over the course of two days, even if it wasn’t enough for a medal in the end. The young mother, who won the World Cup in Nicosia last year and last finished fourth at the European Championships in Osijek, Croatia, advanced to the sixth finals with 120 goals and 24 fixed streaks.

Since three starters booked 120 goals, there was an imposition. Messerschmidt finished this round as the second-best by five strokes and thus relegated to fifth. In the final on Monday, she left Russian Natalia Vinogradova behind in the first round, but in the second round she missed a goal to qualify.

Then it’s time to pack your bag, because the plane went home on Tuesday. “Then I have three weeks off first.” Her boyfriend’s wedding is scheduled for the beginning of August, and the honeymoon is not actually planned. “But it depends on how the situation develops, and whether or not we are allowed to travel,” Messerschmidt said.

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