Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro receives Beatrix von Storch (AfD)

in a Brazil has a head Jair Bolsonaro Vice-President of the Alternative for Germany Beatrix von Storch She responded to the meeting at the Republican Palace. The Bundestag member distributed a photo on Monday showing her during a visit to Brazil with the right-wing populist head of state.

Storch wrote that her party wanted “to network closer relations and defend our conservative Christian values ​​on an international level.” The meeting, in which the husband of the AfD politician also took part, according to its Bundestag office, took place on Wednesday last week at Bolsonaro’s official residence.

A meeting between von Storch and Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, in Brazil has already drawn criticism. He also received the president’s son von Storch in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia – then attacked by the opposition.

Labor leader from the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaGliese Hoffmann, wrote on Twitter about Eduardo Bolsonaro’s meeting with a member of the Bundestag: “The meeting is unfortunate. They all have one thing in common: xenophobia, hate speech and anti-democratic attitudes. “The ally of the right-wing populist head of state has received a member of the Bundestag in the capital, Brasilia.

More criticism came from the “Jews for Democracy” movement and from Brazil’s most important Holocaust museum. The Holocaust Museum in Curitiba, southern Brazil, spoke of the burden of “building a collective memory of the Holocaust in the world.” Brazil And for our democracy.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro himself defended the meeting on Twitter, saying: “We are united by the ideals of defending the family, protecting borders and national culture.” After his meeting with Storch, Representative Pia Kissis wrote: “The conservatives of the world are uniting to defend Christian values ​​and the family.”

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