A major conflict erupted in Sardinia. Many have to flee, and the agricultural association is talking about a “disaster”.

According to media reports, a major conflict west of the Italian island of Sardinia forced several hundred residents to flee Sunday night. Italian media have reported that about 400 people have been forced to flee their homes. Among other things, residents of the town of Kuglieri have been affected. Some residents may have returned in the morning when the situation improved slightly. The newspaper wrote that the “massive fire” had been destroying fields in the area since Saturday New Sardinia.

Emergency forces will continue the fight against the blaze on Sunday. The Italian news agency reported that several fire planes and helicopters were in use on the island Ansa Report quoting officers. So the fire risk was high. According to media reports, the fire broke out in other parts of the country. Authorities warned of continued high temperatures on Monday.

Fire in Sardinia: Farmers’ Association talks about “disaster”

According to initial estimates by officials, the flames spread over several thousand hectares in the western part of the island between Santu Lucerne and Kuglieri. Houses were also damaged, according to media reports. The Goldiretti Agricultural Association spoke of a “disaster” and significant damage to agriculture. Grazing lands, forests and in some cases animals have been lost. (dpa)

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