Inexpensive sun creams worked best in Stiftung Warrant’s study. Of the 17 tested products with a high sun protection factor of 30 to 50+, four received a rating of “very good”, Reports the foundation In the journal »Test (Issue 07/21).

The cheapest sunscreen creams landed on the test site: Sundance Sensitive Sun Balm DM (Sunscreen Factor 30), Sun D’Or (SPF50), Milk Milk (SPF30) and Sunoson Sunscreen provided by Roseman (SPF 30). According to the Stiftung Warrant, they reliably protect against UV radiation and provide excellent moisture to the skin. A 200 ml bottle costs 2.45 to 4.30 euros.

In studies conducted in previous years, the Stifting Warrant had repeatedly come to the conclusion that cheap sunscreens are often better than expensive ones.

For comparison with the current test: The remaining 13 products in the test were the same size for around 7.50 to 30 euros. The most expensive product in the test – costing 42 euros per 200 milliliters – failed: Sunscreen from Biosolice. Like the other two products, it was rated “unsatisfactory” because, according to one analyst, it does not provide the advertised UV protection.

Above all: According to the Stifting Warrantest, most creams protect well. The testers rated nine products as “good” overall, and one cream was “satisfactory”.

In 2020, testers also tested sunscreens for children. At the time, Sien Sun Kids Sun Cream from Little, Laoson Kid Med Sun Ball from Mல்லller and Sunoson Kids Sun Spray from Roseman were rated “very good”. According to the provider, according to the test, all the tested agents are still available in stores unchanged.

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