“They agree on many goals”

For many fans, media and experts, FC Bayern is one of the favorites this season. The Munich team has not yet lost in the primary class. However, Real star Karim Benzema is not afraid of German record champions and teases against the trembling defenses of nail men.

Tonight the Champions League season 2021/22 begins in the hot phase. The first two quarter finals are to take place. Manchester City host Atletico Madrid and Benfica face Lisbon Liverpool FC.

“Five thirty-eight” statisticians Check out the most favorites on ManCity. Former Bayern coach Pep Cardiola and his team’s chances of a title are estimated at 31 percent. FC Bayern lags behind with 27 percent.

Benzema was not impressed with Bayern

In the eyes of Real striker Karim Benzema, Bayern are not one of the top teams this season: “Bayern are a team that scores goals, but a team that concedes a lot,” he said in an interview with the 34-year-old “L”. பிரquipe. “The Frenchman is not afraid to watch Bayern play:” I watch their games, sometimes they get into counterattacks where two defenders meet four attackers. “

The attacker did not see a clear will at this time. In addition, his “enemy” has already been eliminated: “The team that scared me the most is Paris.” With three goals in the second leg against PSG, Benzema played a key role and Real shot almost single-handed into the quarterfinals. There, the Royals now face defending champions Chelsea.


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