Home entertainment Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi: ‘They don’t do things by half’

Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi: ‘They don’t do things by half’


Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi are truly the hottest couple of the year. Is all this just PR? No, says someone who knows both well.

It was actually supposed to be their first public appearance together – but then the surprise couple didn’t make an appearance at the event. “Half an hour before the party started, they canceled me because their management prevented them from participating,” host and birthday boy Julian FM Stoekel (35) revealed to BUNTE.de.

The artist knows actress Jenny Elvers (49) and singer Mark Trinzi (43) from the filming of “Club of Good Moods”. The same Saturday 1 show that Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi were said to have sparked. What does Stoeckel say about “Elvrenzi”? “I think it’s very beautiful,” she admits with a smile. “I think it’s true love. Because Mark and Jenny don’t do things by halves.”

Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi are looking for a place to stay together

And also another guest at the party Totally excited about Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi as a couple. Michaela Schaefer (38), a former GNTM participant, believes: “They go great together. Jenny Elvers always loves to target male celebrities. She has a whole life of them…” DJane also has speculation about how things will play out for the two of them: Now they are going to the Stars Summer House for now.”

Whether it really comes down to that remains to be seen. But it should already be clear: Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi want to move in together. The next big step will be in their relationship, which is still very recent.

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By the way, the two spent a free Saturday evening spontaneously in the trendy restaurant “Adnan” in Berlin. Marc Terenzi posted a photo of the food from the restaurant on Instagram and wrote, “So delicious that we almost live here.” The day before, singer Sarah Connor’s 41-year-old ex-husband posted a photo from the same restaurant. Always Related to Him: Jenny Elvers – The two obviously don’t want to be without each other anymore!