Juror Jorge González's clothes remind fans of Jogi Löw

As usual, it was striking in the current “Let’s Dance” season: On nearly every episode of RTL dance show, juror Jorge Gonzalez wore his hair differently, and one hairstyle was more slanted than the other, by Dyed black and white hair reach to Sensation as Marge Simpson Everything was there. And in the end, the 53-year-old’s hairstyle caused discussions among fans once again.

Dressed in all black, Jorge Gonzalez, with dark sunglasses, black hair and a haircut of sorts, took a seat behind the “Let’s Dance” jury. But does that sound good? Or is it a more fashion mistake? Fans on Twitter weren’t exactly sure.

Quite a few viewers were reminded of the popular movies: “If you ask for“ Mann in Black ”on Wish,“ one user wrote about a picture of the choreographer and model.

Another wrote: “Jorge today as a beta version of a new agent from Matrix.”

Or does Jorge Gonzalez look more like Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”?

Hairstyle and clothes remembered by some German football coach Joachim Loew.

Others found Jorge viewed the ending as “simple,” “natural,” or even “boring.”

Whether it’s like “Men in Black”, Double Joachim Löw or simply “Normal”: Jorge González grabbed attention again with his outfit in the “Let’s Dance” Final.

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