Congstar apologizes for the email: No tariff change for everyone

Deutsche Telekom’s Congstar accidentally sent multiple customers an email Friday night stating that the “Congstar 9 Cent Flex” mobile phone tariff they booked will change to the “Congstar as I want Flex” tariff in mid-June “has been changed”. Other definitions were confused by users, as evidenced by the entries on the Congstar Forum and on Twitter. Some of them wrote that they terminated their contracts immediately or were about to do so. Others thought it was a phishing attempt to get someone into their data.

According to some contributions, the email was even sent to Fraenk and PennyMobil clients and yes! cell phone. Although these providers collaborate with Congstar, they are not part of the brand.

Congstar is now trying to clear the error. In the forum “We made a huge mistake and accidentally sent an email to too many clients. In fact 99 percent are unaffected.” Those who do not use 9 Cent Flex will not be affected by the change. The chat service and hotline are “overloaded” says a support staff member. Massive, many, many thousands of inquiries. “

Now another email is coming from Congstar

At the top of the forum area, he says on Friday: “Last night we sent an email announcing that we changed your mobile tariff from Congstar 9 Cent Flex to Congstar as I want Flex. This email only concerns customers who are already using the 9 Cent Flex tariff. But unintentionally, we also sent this email to customers using other Congstar definitions. If you are using a different tariff, you can ignore this message. Your tariff will not be changed. Please excuse me for the mistake! “

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Congstar also says it will email a correction. This message should reach all customers within the day.


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