Home Economy “Strong growth confirms our strategy”

“Strong growth confirms our strategy”

“Strong growth confirms our strategy”
Image and copyright: Mercure Bank.

Image and copyright: Mercure Bank.

Merkur Privatbank, listed on m:access, reported a profit from normal trading activities of 8.8 million euros for the first half of 2021. The total is more than 13 percent higher than the previous year’s figure. According to the financial services provider, the company continues to grow: “Interest income (+8.8%) and net commission income (+11.5%) grew again,” the Munich Bank said on Wednesday. Assets under management increased by 0.34 billion euros to 2.89 billion euros.

Strong growth underscores our value-based banking strategy, which relies on individual, personal advice free of conflict of interest. We orient ourselves entirely to the requirements of an entrepreneur. “We would like to make this performance claim available to all our customers,” said Markus Lengel, Chairman and personally responsible partner at Merkur Privatbank. We are optimistic about the second half of the year.

Security data: Merkur Privatbank
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Indicator Code: MBK
WKN: 814820
ISIN Number: DE0008148206

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