Fummel season has begun!

The sixth day of “Love Island” was everything. While others were still flirting with the handbrake, personal trainer Mehdi, 23, and beautician Vanushka, 22, began working in the private suite. But the new link has a meaningless taste, because the love bastard has already extended to his sense of another.

In the spouses’ paradise, Mehdi quickly began to work. Once he ascended to Love Island as a latecomer, Vanushka succumbed to his charms. During the four-year dating with Leon (25) and Leone (27), the duo also got close. But that’s no reason to ignore the other girls. He unabashedly checked his chances with the beautiful Vanessa (26) and praised her.

“I really like you, you have great charisma,” the Zer fascinated the candidate. When asked about Vanuschka, he told Shala his secret: “I don’t want anyone to feel bad. But if you’re interested, I’m interested.”

However, Vanessa had no desire for such games and gave the landlord a basket. To be fair, Vanushka started. The Icelandic promised her: “I see you so far away. I do not envy you for it and do not want to spoil it for you.”

The next surprise: despite the Mahdi’s foreign courtship, the “Island of Love” opened the door for him and Wolfanchka in the private suite. Obviously thanks to his charm there was no need to ask the blonde twice.

The kiosk was entirely to the taste of the Mahdi. He was satisfied: “The light can dim well.” When his eyes fell on the box with the condom, the fitness instructor exclaimed, “Look here!”

The couple spent the night alone under the palm trees (blanket)

The couple spent the night alone under the palm trees (blanket)Photo: RTLTWEI

He ensnared Vanushka with every ruse in the book and devotedly handed her on a skewer in the hot tub. From the moment the pair were feeding, they seemed to have completely forgotten about the cameras. While showering, Mehdi tenderly kissed Vanushka’s pleasurable neck.

It was just a small step up to the comfortable double bed. Finally, a little palpation was done under the blanket. He must have done a good job. After the night together, she said, “I’d love for a guy to know what he’s doing.”

Hopefully the love game won’t be followed by a drink headache soon…

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