Home entertainment ‘It was about getting strong’: Adele makes history with ‘Vogue’ cover

‘It was about getting strong’: Adele makes history with ‘Vogue’ cover

‘It was about getting strong’: Adele makes history with ‘Vogue’ cover

‘She was about to get strong’
Adele Makes History with a ‘Vogue’ Cover

Fashion magazine “Vogue” presents various cover stories on the covers of its issues in the United States of America and Great Britain. However, the magazine is an exception to the return of singer Adele. After all, the 33-year-old had disappeared from the scene for a long time.

Singer Adele is no longer just with new music. The star is celebrating his comeback with a real blast. The singer is the first person to appear on the cover of American Vogue and its British branch at the same time. Adele can be seen on the cover of our November issue. Their new single “Easy On Me” will be released on October 15.

Last year, Adele surprised her fans with a significant weight loss, but according to her own statements, she did not want to lose weight as a priority. In an interview with British “Vogue”, Adele is sure that most of them were very surprised because they did not realize that it took about two years to lose about 45 kilograms.

At that time, Adele started training to fight anxiety. “It was never really about losing weight,” the 33-year-old explains. “It was always about being strong and taking as much time away from my phone as possible each day.” After that I became “totally addicted”. “I train two or three times a day,” she explains. In the morning you lift weights, in the afternoon boxing or hiking training is on the program and at night there is still endurance training.

When she started, Adele was “virtually unemployed” and coaches helped her. But she realizes that many people do not have the opportunity to follow such a daily routine.

“People are shocked I didn’t participate in my ‘journey,’” says Adele. “They are used to others sharing everything on Instagram, ‘and most people in my position would get a great deal with a diet brand.’ But they don’t care.” “I did,” Adele says. This is for myself and not for others. Why should I share this? I don’t find this cool. It’s my body.”

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