Home Economy Tesla in Grunheide: Thousands allowed to see construction site

Tesla in Grunheide: Thousands allowed to see construction site

Tesla in Grunheide: Thousands allowed to see construction site

Gigafactory Country Gallery

Thousands are allowed to see Tesla in Grunheide

At the Tesla plant site in Grünheide, the American automaker invites you to

At the Tesla plant site in Grünheide, the US automaker invites you to the “Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair” on Saturday.

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At a party, an electronic car manufacturer wants to get an insight into its new factory. Not all interested parties are allowed to be there.

Grunhead. Most people interested in US automaker Tesla’s festival on Saturday in Grünheide (Oder-Spree region) were disappointed on Thursday afternoon. Around 12:30, a rejection email fluttered in the mailbox of several interested parties: “Unfortunately, the number of applicants greatly exceeded the capacity of the event,” he said. What lucky visitors with a valid ticket can expect on Saturday at the “Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair,” Tesla is keeping a state secret. What is known so far:

How many visitors does Tesla expect?

Tesla has applied for a waiver of the festival. 9000 visitors are allowed to stay on the site at the same time. This spreads throughout the day, which means more guests can be expected. According to the online portal “Tesla-Mag”, plans are being made with up to 27,000 visitors. However, according to the magazine, much more people applied for a place. It is said that about 1.6 million people have pre-registered to allocate tickets. A Tesla spokesperson left several queries from Morgenpost about this unanswered. For those who managed to get a ticket, things could start as early as Saturday. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. inclusive, Tesla wants to welcome visitors to its factory site in Grünheide. “The bands and DJs will keep the party going for longer,” says the festival’s website.

Can you come to the site without a ticket?

That must be difficult. However, Tesla fans have already announced on various forums that they want to make a pilgrimage to the Gigafactory without an entrance ticket. Interested parties that did not get any reaction were initially disappointed. Daniel H. from Berlin said he was one of the first to sign up. “At the end of September, I filled out the relevant form on my smartphone less than three seconds after receiving it. For this very reason, I calculated my chances, especially since Berlin residents must also be preferred,” continues H. To be able to just be a spectator now, it bothers him a lot. At the beginning of registration, Tesla announced that it would give preference to those interested in the zip code areas Brandenburg and Berlin. In a sense, it has to be a true neighborhood festival.

Why is there an open house at all?

Tesla also wants to appease critics somewhat with the festival. The American automaker initially appears to have played down public interest and opposition to the construction project. Due to the removal of 90 hectares of pine forests, there was a contradiction, also due to the high water consumption in the production of cars. Possible accidents, delivery and passenger traffic and air pollution are also worrying residents. Final approval for the entire project is still missing, and hundreds of objections will be discussed again until mid-October. With the District Fair, Tesla now wants to provide greater transparency, offering insight into the halls that have been built and the neighborhood’s handshakes.

Tesla’s Grünheide – More on this topic:

What can visitors expect?

It’s not very clear. The car manufacturer is supposed to guide visitors through part of the new plant. Pictures are allowed, but for private purposes only. There should also be music on site. Food is also served. “We have loads of delicious food, including vegetarian/vegan options of course, and drinks for you,” the event website says.

How to get there

Tesla recommends train travel. There must be a free shuttle bus from the “Fangschleuse” train station to the event site. The police also recommends traveling by train. The Eastern Police Department in Brandenburg announced Thursday that the organizer will also allocate parking areas for those who wish to travel by car. “Under no circumstances should you walk from the parking lot to the event site in order to minimize the risk to guests, given the high volume of traffic,” a police spokesperson said. She added that the locally responsible police station Oder Spree/Frankfurt (Oder) on Saturday will be supported in controlling the flow of traffic by the traffic police, highway police and police motorcycles as well as police helicopter.

Is Tesla Chief Elon Musk Coming?

Yes really. The illustrious pioneer of electric cars announced its arrival a few weeks ago via SMS Twitter. It is not known when exactly Musk will be on site in Grünheide.

When should the factory start production?

This remains unclear due to the pending final approval. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Wojdick (SPD) recently stated that he thinks the approval decision will likely be made this year. Woidke also expects more investment in the region with the plant – for example from Tesla suppliers. The car manufacturer plans to build up to 500,000 electronic vehicles annually at the Giga plant in Grunheide. Grünheide Mayor Arne Christiani (independent) assumes 3,000 employees at the start of production and 12,000 at full capacity for systems. The battery factory is currently still under construction.

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