"GRIP – Promi Kart Masters" auf RTL2: Welche Teilnehmer sind im Finale am 08.11.2021?

He was up on Sunday evening RTL2 Good Speed ​​Required: “GRIP – Promi Kart Masters” Held directly in prime time from the energy center at Duisburg Landscape Park. After qualifying 16 promise And “GRIP” participant Started, the big event will be on Monday 8th November 2021 Conclusion NS.

What is quick formatting about? Who is participating, who are they difference Who is still leading to victory? We have all the information about the peak event at a glance.

GRIP – Promi Kart Masters: This is how the RTL2 demo works

How does the new quiz work on RTL2? The GRIP – Promi Kart Masters takes place in two days and is divided into three rounds.

  • Rehabilitation: In team duels, famous RTL2 stars meet with the support of the original “GRIP”. Two teams at every step Four direct duels against each other. It matters not only who crosses the finish line first, but also the fastest lap time. Because if you can show the fastest single duel out of ten laps, you enter the Giants race.
  • Giants race: In the final of the first day of racing, it was Top eight drivers against each other. A classic one awaits the teams that are now leading as individual participants Le Mans Start. This means: Quickly sprint from the pit lane through the fairway to go-karts and start right away. The winner is the one who crosses the finish line first after 10 minutes.
  • the end: The last day is more direct Knockout method. Anyone who was able to secure the fastest total time on day one can start from the first position. Only the team that can win the Grand Final will eventually win the 2021 ‘GRIP – Promi Kart Masters’.
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GRIP – Promi Kart Masters: participants and teams

Take the sum 16 promise Participation in the competition. They initially competed in teams of two. They also get attendees Experienced support GRIP brokers.

Celebrities in two-person teams:

  • The Katzenberger team: Lucas Cordales and Joey Hendel
  • The Geissens team: Davina Jess and Shania Jess
  • Love Island team Elena Meras and Tobias Wegener
  • The Berlin Day and Night team: Lutz Schwegel and Lisa Wechk
  • The Wollnys team: Peter Woolney and his son-in-law Florian Koster
  • The “Battle of Reality Stars” team: Andre Mangold and Narumol David
  • The Kellys team: Joe Kelly and his son Luke
  • Magician team: Kim Tranca and partner Maurice Schmitz

GRIP Participants

  • Hamid Mosaddegh
  • Matthias Malmedy
  • Cindy Aleman
  • This is Muller
  • Helge Thomsen
  • Nikki Shel
  • Philip Kiss
  • Janes Cook
  • Lina Mars

GRIP – Promi Kart Masters: Final

three teams great driving Conclusion Monday evening live from 8.15 pm to victory. After one issue or another appeared in “Race of the Giants” – personnel failure and defective track – kart professionals were able to secure final tickets for their teams.

These are the finalists:

  • 1st place: Cyndie Allemann for “The Jason Family”
  • Second place: Matthias Malmedy for “The Battle of Reality Stars”
  • Third place: Helge Thomsen “The Woolness”

GRIP – Promi Kart Masters: Moderators

“GRIP – Promi Kart Masters” is presented by two true racing legends: Kay Ebel Supervising the live broadcast and Christian Danner Comments on the races. The moderation team is strengthened by Kathy Rundle.

Wealth, wife, size, place of residence - presenter in a photo

“GRIP – Promi Kart Masters”: broadcast and streaming dates

The new show will be held on two evenings He lives On RTL2 at prime time. the two Broadcast times And broadcast time In a glance:

  • Sunday November 7, 2021 at 8:15 pm – Qualifiers / Giants Race
  • Monday, November 8, 2021 at 8:15 pm – Final
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One repetition TV is not planned according to the program preview. But you can watch live parallel broadcasts on RTL+, earlier TVNow, follow on. With the streaming service, it’s also retroactively available as a repeat.


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