Home entertainment Is the former crazy? ‘Love Island’ is a boy single for eight weeks

Is the former crazy? ‘Love Island’ is a boy single for eight weeks

Is the former crazy?  ‘Love Island’ is a boy single for eight weeks

This Love Island candidate seems to have no desire to be single. The sixth season of The Dome Show begins in a few days. It’s already clear which of the flirtatious candidates will be looking for big love this time around. Among other things, it is also present steven dragon. Berliner has only been solo for eight weeks and is already looking for a new woman by his side on TV. But what does his ex-wife say about his participation in “Love Island”? Proflash Checked with Stephen.

He warned his ex-girlfriends beforehand to avoid potential problems, as Stephen did in ProflashInterview explaining: “I had to calm her down first so she wouldn’t freak out when she saw me or her friends told her to.” According to the 26-year-old, the four-year relationship between the two failed because his ex-wife is still very young and hasn’t seen much of the world yet. but he Steven Are you already ready for something new after this short time? One fitness fan said, “I actually quit at that time. Before that, I had been in relationships that also lasted for a year or two. I really got used to it.”

will actually Steven Flashed on TV sooner. The makers of “Love Island” offered him a place on the show a year and a half ago. But then he said Steven Off – because at this point he was still in firm hands. Soon after the breakup came a change of heart: “A little while later, I thought to myself, there was something they once wrote to me. I just spontaneously advanced and slipped relatively quickly, shortly before it even started.”

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“Love Island – Hot Flirts and True Love”, always Monday through Friday and Sunday at 10:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI.

Stephen Dragon March 2018

Instagram / stevenletinen

Stephen Dragon March 2018
Stephen's Dragon, Islander Islands 2021

RTLZWEI / Magdalena Bossert

Stephen’s Dragon, Islander Islands 2021
steven dragon, "love island"-candidate

Instagram / stevenletinen

Stephen Lenin “Love Island” – Canadian women


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