Home science These nutrients lower iron in the brain, improve cognition, and exercise healing

These nutrients lower iron in the brain, improve cognition, and exercise healing

These nutrients lower iron in the brain, improve cognition, and exercise healing

Certain nutrients improve cognitive performance in old age

A higher intake of some nutrients appears to be associated with lower levels of iron in the brain and improved cognitive performance in older adults. Can the right diet protect the brain from cognitive decline?

A recent study involving the University of Kentucky analyzed the relationship between food intake, brain iron content, and cognitive performance in healthy adults aged 61 to 86. The results of the investigation can be found in the specialized English-language journal “The neuroscience of agingIt can be seen.

Alzheimer’s from non-heme iron in the brain

The new research underscores the importance of a balance of so-called non-heme iron for optimal neurological function, according to the team. An excess of non-heme iron in the brain may be associated with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease Connected.

High levels of iron in the brain due to normal aging?

Experts say that even with normal aging, high levels of iron occur in the brain, which is linked to poor cognitive performance. It is therefore important to determine whether the age-related increase in iron content in the brain and the associated cognitive decline is the result of environmental factors such as health. feed can slow down.

To answer this exact question, the team examined the relationship between food intake, brain iron content, and participants’ cognitive performance. For this purpose, experts used computer assessments to determine working memory performance, questionnaires to record nutritional information and so-called in vivo MRT (quantitative sensitivity mapping) technology to measure iron concentration in brain tissue.

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Iron in the brain worsens working memory

In agreement with studies already published, the researchers report that the results show that iron concentration in the brain increases with age, while at the same time working memory performance declines.

Older adults who eat large amounts of nutrients, which are especially common in nuts, soybeans, olive oil, and fish (such as vitamin E, lysine, or DHA as omega-3 fatty acids), however, tend to have lower iron levels in the body. The brain has better levels and performance of working memory than would actually be expected for their age, according to an expert report.

Protecting against cognitive decline through diet

The study author, Dr. Valentinos Zachario in one press release Abbey of the University of Kentucky.

The author of the study, Professor Dr. Brian Gould adds that the research findings could now form the basis for further clinical studies to examine whether a particular diet can specifically slow iron buildup in the brain of older adults. (as)

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