Home Top News Liberation against Fortuna: Terodde calms Schalke’s minds

Liberation against Fortuna: Terodde calms Schalke’s minds

Liberation against Fortuna: Terodde calms Schalke’s minds

Liberation strike against Fortuna
Terodde calms Schalke’s minds

Schalke and Dusseldorf are in a fast fight. Not least because of the shaky defensive ranks. But as the Royal Blues are more effective up front, they’ve earned their first three at home this season. For coaches, Grammosi’s chance to take a deep breath.

Relegated FC Schalke 04 in the German Bundesliga has ended training discussions for the time being with their first home win of the season. After 3:1 (1:1) at West Schlager against Fortuna Dusseldorf, head coach Demetrius Gramuzis can go through the upcoming international break with even more comfort.

The reason for this is the stormy work of duo Marius Poulter and Simon Tyrode, who turned the second division battle in favor of the previously troubled Schalke team. Poulter scored in front of 25,000 spectators after Dusseldorf’s Shinta Apelkamp (min. 12) took the lead to 1:1 (15), and Terodde immediately after the break increased to 2:1 (46) and shortly before the end after Dusseldorf’s long urging stage the final score.

As a result, the player relegated to the first division, with seven points from five matches, is back in the first third of the table of the second division standings. Fortuna, who also started with just one win in his first four games, got stuck in the vault of the table early on. Unlike before at Schalke, the patience with new coach Christian Breuser in Düsseldorf is even greater.

Both teams showed an attractive battle and fast-paced game, but the defensive ranks couldn’t convince her. Despite the victory, there is still a lot of work waiting for Gramuzes. After a 2-1 lead, hardly anything came from Schalke. Fortuna pushed to equalise, but didn’t have as good strikers as the Royal Blues, who won little happily given the poor second half. Tyrodi returned to Schalke 04 shortly before the end with his sixth goal of the season.

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