Home science The epidemic continues to decline in May

The epidemic continues to decline in May

The epidemic continues to decline in May

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to decline in Maine. According to the latest figures from the Pays de la Loire regional health agency published on Friday, February 25, 2022, the infection rate, which corresponds to the number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, is now 770. Compared to Tuesday when there were 849 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants. .

There are also fewer hospitalized patients in Mayenne. 57 people are currently undergoing treatment In Maine hospitals, it’s 10 times lower than on Tuesday. Three people remain in intensive care, two fewer than on Tuesday.

On the other hand, Mine is important Two more deaths In three days. Since the start of the health crisis in March 2020, 338 people have died of coronavirus in our department.

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