Home science Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors, ‘we are gradually lifting measures’

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors, ‘we are gradually lifting measures’

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors, ‘we are gradually lifting measures’

Most of the restrictions imposed to combat Covid were lifted on Monday 14 March. Even if caution has to be taken in the face of a resurgence of the epidemic. Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors, except in transport and health institutions.

Most of the anti-Covid restrictions were lifted on Monday 14 March 2022. Cinemas, theaters, restaurants, galleries and schools, Shops, supermarkets, public services
mask It is no longer required indoors.

However, the mask remains mandatory in transport and health institutions. “We are gradually easing the measures even if the infection increases a little, the impact on the hospital today seems reasonable, with the end of wearing the mask. These numbers do not require a return to the mask port even if it is necessary to qualify according to the regions,” explains Professor Christian Rabo, Infection Scientist at Nancy CHRU .

We are still in a very reassuring position in the hospital now. The procedures are gradually eased.

Professor Christian Raboud, Infectious Disease Specialist at the University Hospital of Nancy

So the mask will no longer be mandatory for school children as well as for teachers, on the playground and in the classroom.
“Of course it is still recommended to keep the mask for some people at risk in hospital or on transport, there, and wearing a mask is still mandatory.”

Employees who wish to do so can continue to wear masks.

Elizabeth Bourne, Secretary of Labor.

In companies since Monday morning how will it be?
We’ll go back to normal rules.”Labor Secretary Elizabeth Bourne explained.

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Of course we must continue Wash hands, clean surfaces, and ventilate buildings.

I think it is clear that the measures taken today require caution, and for the time being, at least this morning, the numbers we have in the hospital are lower than those that were there last week “, Infection doctor adds Christian Raboud.

But in recent days, the number of new positive cases has started to rise again: The average for the past seven days was more than 65,250 on Sunday, compared with 50,646 the previous week.

“We are still completely reassured today in the hospital. However, that is not the topic of the day, but the hospital is still very tired from two years of fighting against Covid.”

With a few exceptions, the relaxation of the health protocol also marks the end of the vaccination permit. However, it will remain mandatory in hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, and institutions for the disabled.

The government has also decided to open the fourth dose now for more than 80 years.


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