The Masked Singer: It's official!  The Voice star joins the advice team

Masked singer: It’s official! The Voice star supports Rateteam

This is the television success of “The Masked Singer”.

This is the television success of “The Masked Singer”.

The beginning of the new TV show “The Masked Singer” gave ProSieben excellent reviews. We explain what the offer is.

Show description

It won’t be long until the finals of the masks”masked singer2022. But before the next celebrity is revealed, the first question is who can sit alongside Ruth Mushner and Rhea Garvey on the advice team.

Wednesday afternoon (April 13) Pro7 finally revealed who will be participating in the fifth show of “masked singerHe will be sitting at the guessing table in 2022.

“The Masked Singer” 2022: Surprise! ER supports Ruth Mochner and Rhea Garvey

Fans can be delighted, after former “Tageschu” spokeswoman Linda Zervakis guessed at the show’s fourth, this time singer Nico Santos.


This is the masked singer:

  • “The Masked Singer” has been broadcast on ProSieben since 2019
  • Season 6 is currently running
  • Previous winners are Max Motzky, Tom Beck, Sarah Lombardi, Sasha and Alexander Klaus.
  • The “Masked Singer” will be directed by Matthias Obdenhuefl
  • The idea for the “Masked Singer” comes from Korea. There the show is called “The King of the Singer Mask.”


As a coach on “The Voice of Germany”, Nico Santos is very familiar with music. In addition to his own music, he also writes for other artists.

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“The Masked Singer” 2022: Nico Santos is a guest in the semi-finals

With his many years of music career, he should also have a good ear and might be able to track down gorillas, starfish, thorny devils, zebras, goblins or disco balls.


More on the masked singer:


Viewers on Saturday night (April 16) 8:15pm on Pro7 will find out if his experience will help him in the end. One of those still struggling to unmask in Season 6 is “The Masked Singer” star Ruth Mochner. Here you can find out about people who will not give up on the broker’s ideas even after the show. (sj)


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