Problems with the script: Sarah is angry at her talents in

Did you miss your chances with your coach? In The Voice of Germany, battle the rising musical talents for their entry into the second battlefield round. In addition to Mark Forster (38), Nico Santos (28) and Johannes Oerding (39), Sarah Connor (41) is one of the jurors who helps candidates get the most out of themselves. Luna FarinaNoureddine and Ron of the singer’s team angered their coach as they trained to make the decision: Sarah She was angry because her people came to the rehearsal with a piece of text!

“And now without noticing! I don’t notice anything from you – you sing here as if you were at a karaoke show”, the 41-year-old complains that none of the three sang Bruno Mars (36) by heart. In the end, Luna was able to convince – and Noreen was able to look forward to another opportunity at first. On the other hand, Ron was fired, although he was still the favorite in blind auditions. After the musical duel, Sarah finally becomes very proud of each of her subjects, but then takes Noureddine into singing. “I am very happy that I have to call my wife and children,” said the father of two.

But Luna isn’t completely out of the race either – she’s taking advantage of a so-called robbery deal! The influencer is surprised by a phone call shortly after the battle. “Hi, my name is Mark Forster. I wanted to tell you that I stole you!”, explains Mark to the aspiring musician. For her part, Luna is “so happy” to be on his team now.

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Noureddine, Luna, Ron and Sarah Connor "Germany's voice"

© SAT.1 / ProSieben / Andrei Kowalski

Noordin, Luna, Ron und Sarah Connor bei “The Voice of Germany”
Sarah Connor Bay "Germany's voice" 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Bastian Bochinski

Sarah Connor Bey “Voice of Germany” 2021
Singer Mark Forster


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