COVID-19.  Approximately 800,000 doses of vaccine are unusable due to mosquitoes

Moderna’s lab was forced to recall a full batch of vaccine doses against Covid-19, which were shipped in January 2022 to Norway, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and Spain after discovering ” weird body “ Inside a vial at the vaccination center in Malaga, Andalusia, reports TF1 .

If the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) did not give more details about the incident when announcing the withdrawal, Friday, April 8, 2022, health sources have since confirmed to the newspaper. Country That the insect in question was already the origin of this analogy “Spare”.

No problems were detected in people who received the vaccine

According to our manager’s internal investigation, the latter “It entered the vial during production, and was not detected by routine checks.” Meanwhile, the batch in question was produced in the Rovi Pharmaceutical Laboratories, the partner of the American laboratory in Madrid, which is responsible for the packaging of the vaccine, the active ingredient of which is produced in Basel, Switzerland. Health authorities in various affected countries have been alerted.

As stated by our modernizers, it has been implemented “Cumulative search of its global security database” and did not find “There are no safety concerns regarding people who have received the vaccine”. Although the vial in question had already been perforated, its contents were not given to any patient.

always according to CountryHowever, this is not the first time that Rovi Labs has been linked to an incident of this nature that requires the recall of vaccines as a precaution. As a reminder, at the end of August, it was Japan that warned of the discovery of “foreign bodies” In certain vials it affects three batches, preventing the distribution of more than 2.6 million doses.


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