10 additional health professionals have been dispatched to reinforce the metropolitan area

These are 7 nurses and 3 anesthesiologists and resuscitators. They will board the plane on Wednesday, August 25th.

Facing the epidemic situation in French Polynesia, 7 nurses and 3 anesthesiologists and resuscitators will leave for Papeete on Wednesday, August 25, to support healthcare teams in the Polynesian hospital system.

These reinforcements are added to the 15 nurses from the French mainland who have been mobilized since August 16. Additional reinforcements may leave in the coming days. Additional physical reinforcements will be sent, notably to boost the capacity of hospitals in the country, thanks to nearly 450 oxygen concentrators.

More than 50,000 protective gowns will also be sent. This departure of additional reinforcements, agreed in agreement with the government of French Polynesia, is an expression of national solidarity towards the Polynesian territory, as is the mass dispatch of vaccines (nearly 13,000 each week starting Thursday, August 26).

French Polynesia is going through a new epidemic wave: on August 17, 2021, the infection rate was 2,523 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. While only 30% of the population has a full vaccination schedule, this level of coverage is particularly low to deal with the pandemic in the context of an already overstretched hospital system. Everything must be done to promote vaccination.

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