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History and trailer for the final version

History and trailer for the final version

The final version of the open-world RPG “Outward” has received an official release date. Players won’t have to wait long.

Released: History and Trailer for the Final Release

A few months ago, Prime Matter and Nine Dots Studio announced that the open-ended role-playing game “Outward” would get a definitive release. Now officials have also announced an official release date.

The ultimate version of the RPG

Accordingly, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC players can look forward to a final version on May 17, 2022. If you own the main game and downloadable content “The Three Brothers”, you can upgrade to the new version for free. Previously, “The Soroborean” DLC was also required, but Prime Matter gave a little and made only the first DLC mandatory for upgrading.

In “Outward: Definitive Edition” you’ll get DLC packs in addition to the main game, with the promise of new and updated content. In addition, players can look forward to unique encounters and dangerous enemies in the role-playing game as they explore dungeons and roam the vast game world.

More news about Outward:

The official side of the game says: “As an adventurer, you not only have to defend yourself against threatening creatures, but you also have to defy harsh environmental conditions. Protect yourself from diseases and make sure you eat enough. Embark on perilous expeditions across the lands Wilderness to complete important missions and explore new cities and hidden dungeons teeming with terrifying enemies.”

To give you another impression of the adventure, the officials also introduced a new trailer:

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More news on Outward.

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