China fails to tackle the epidemic

aWhen Zong Yi was taken to a camp for people infected with the coronavirus with her three-year-old daughter, husband and parents, a neighbor stood at the window and photographed them. Then he uploaded the video to the home chat. “Almost everyone applauded,” the young mother wrote on Weibo. Neighbors were happy to keep those who tested positive away from their midst. Previously, they tried by all means to drive the family out of the house. After 14 days in the camp and two negative tests, Cong Yi was allowed to go home. To this day, her neighbors scold her for even opening the door to bring in food delivery. There are jealous neighbors in every community. But Cong Yi sees more in that. abyss.

Frederic Pogue

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

From their point of view, there is a history of the opening of this hole in the Earth. It was April 6. The day the central government took over in Shanghai. Until then, Cong Yi wrote, the “Shanghai” attitude was prevalent among officials: pragmatic, rational and solution-oriented. Then the atmosphere in the community changed. Other opinions and feelings came to the fore. “When the trolls attacked, my value system collapsed.” She talks about a stigma, as if someone put a hat on her because of her injury. As happened to those who broke the law during the Cultural Revolution.

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