Battlefield 2042: Bots are essential, but they are cannon fodder
Photo: EA

EA explained how cross-play works in the new Battlefield. There is now more information about AI soldiers. It’s mandatory, but serves as cannon fodder to move the big cards. So you can only escape from them under certain conditions.

Cross-play in the new Battlefield is grouped based on the maximum number of players on each map. Therefore, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and X can play together, each allowing a maximum of 128 players. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One manage a maximum of 64 players, so they stay in between. Their versions of the shooter basically offer the same features as weather events, but the cards are designed for a smaller size due to the lower density of players.

However, progression in unlocking weapons and equipment as well as in-game purchases applies to all versions of the game, which is what EA calls “cross progression and cross-trading.”

Robots as fillers

EA has three roles in the bot game. They populate teams when players want to play cooperatively against the computer or want some sort of single player mode. In addition, in multiplayer matches, they fill the teams up to capacity so that the maps can be filled if it is not possible to put enough people together.

In the “unlock” and “hack” modes, there is no way to do without bots. They are used automatically until 128 actors are on the battlefield or an indefinite upper limit for AI soldiers is reached. “GenerallyEA writes, If AI guys remain in the minority. Her status as a gap filler is also evident in her skills. AI will not use specialized roles and special skills. She was also forbidden to wear a suit. They are only able to order and use vehicles or achieve goals, they also have to be able to wing.

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EA reveals more information about new features in Battlefield 2042, including specialists, map structure or weapons Instructions.


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