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Provincial government and Taliban agree on ceasefire

Provincial government and Taliban agree on ceasefire

In the past few weeks Islamic radical Taliban at Afghanistan Several regional gains were reported. Supposed to Afghan security forces They fired, officials reported. Now a regional government in the west of the country has negotiated with radical Islamists and agreed to a ceasefire.

A few days after the start of the Taliban attack on the capital of Badghis province in western Afghanistan, there is now a ceasefire. The Wali of Badghis, Husam El Din Shams, told AFP that tribal elders had mediated in the operation since Thursday. So no time limit has been agreed upon.

About a week ago, the Taliban began storming the provincial capital of Badghis, Kala-e-Nau, just hours after the US military announced that 90 percent of the withdrawal from Afghanistan had been completed.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani authorities also negotiated with the Taliban. Pakistan Then he partially opened one of the most important border crossings into Afghanistan after it was occupied by the Taliban. The German news agency (dpa) quoted Jamdad Mandukil as saying that the borders at Shaman and Spin Boldak were reopened to travelers after negotiations with the local leader of the Afghan Taliban movement.

The border crossing was closed after the fighting

This is the first time since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 that Pakistani officials have been forced to negotiate with Islamists so that people can travel between the two countries. The border crossing was closed on Wednesday after fighting on the Afghan side in which the Spin Boldak district and the border crossing fell into the hands of the Taliban.

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It was not clear at first how the travelers on the Afghan side were screened and by whom. The transition remained closed to the movement of goods. Hundreds of trucks loaded with goods are stuck on both sides of the border.

In the course of its recent attacks since the beginning of the withdrawal of international forces from the country, the Taliban have had several smaller but also important border crossings into Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates. Iran And he conquered Pakistan, through which important trade routes pass. As a result, the Afghan government loses significant customs revenue in the millions every day. Neighboring countries have closed border crossings and strengthened border protection.

Observers fear that after the complete withdrawal of the Taliban United States of America And their partner in NATO is from Afghanistan He regained power in the country can take over. Recently, the Taliban announced that they now control 85 percent of the country. However, this representation cannot be independently verified and is opposed by the government in Kabul.


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